Summer Dominatrix Sandals

pretty feet with red toenail polish and really llovely sandals with high heels

Now these sandals look just like the sort of thing you would see a dominatrix wearing out and about in the summer.  They’re not quite tame and girly enough, but they look gorgeous, sexy and very powerful.  When the babe wearing them has red toenails like this too, it’s even better.  This particular model has great big long toes that look absolutely sexy.  You just don’t see toes much like that anymore; I think they are beautiful toes, but there are too many out there that believe women’s’ toes should be small and dainty.  Imagine this heel stamping down on your toes!  OUCH!

Blue Woollen Sandals Show off Sexy Toes

Really pretty feet in sexy blue clogs

There is nothing like a pair of comfortable sandals is there?  And how comfortable do you think these things are?  I know that they are very comfortable because I got to ask the model after she had her foot shoot.  She said they felt soft on the top of her feet, and when she slid her very sexy and long toes into them they brushed along the top of the woollen sandals, causing her to feel a slight tickle on the tops of her feet.  She enjoyed the sandals very much; and in fact I think she got to keep them because she loved them so much!

Beautiful Blue Heeled Sandals

spy eye feet fetish

This gorgeous pair of feet are well looked after, you can just tell, and look at the quality of those sandals with the tiny little heel on them; they look so delicate.  This model’s feet fit perfectly and her heels just rest at the back nicely so that they don’t hang over the edge.  To look upon a pair of feet so well dressed is to look upon a thing of beauty.  Her toes strike me as being well pedicured and looked after.  They look so soft and comfortable in those blue sandals that I could almost get down on my knees, curl up next to them and stroke my fingers in between her first two toes where the leather of the sandal sits.

Brand New Blue Sandals

blue sandals shoe fetish

Now this babe is very excited about showing us her brand new sandals.  In fact she’s so excited she got all hot and bothered and was forced to take off most of her clothes too; not that we’re complaining.  I’d like to draw your attention to her toes (as if it wasn’t there already!) and make you aware of how absolutely beautiful they are.  You can see that the curve in her sexy toes follows the curve in the sandal beautifully.  Her sexy toes are shaped this way due to those lovely big heels on the sandals that make her gorgeous feet curve in all the right places.  I think we’ll be seeing more of these feet don’t you?

Sexy Feet in High Heels

Four beautiful feet

Now these two gorgeous, moody looking babes have legs on them that would stretch to the moon, but the best thing about having legs this long and lovely is that they need to wear heels to make them this way.  When they where sexy high heels like this it’s inevitable that their feet are going to look very long and slender.  Not only that, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again about these feet, they get an absolutely beautiful shape when they’re placed inside sexy high heeled sandals like this.  These girls have the feet of goddesses.

Double the Sexy Feet!

blonde and brunette with beautiful feet

There’s nothing like having two pairs of sexy feet to go at is there?  Imagine getting the opportunity to admire and caress these feet, all to yourself.  I bet these girls would probably pay you good money to massage their feet and play with their toes.  Those sexy little toes are so well looked after aren’t they, and with all that bright shiny nail polish they look simply beautiful.  The sexy high heeled sandals look terrific together and here at Feet in Sandals we simply can’t get enough of pictures like this.  We hope you enjoy these free pictures and that you’re enabled to breathe a little life into your foot fantasy.

Yvonne in her Sexy Flip Flops

Feet, flip flops and jeans

Whoever said that flip flops were just for your holidays and that they were not sexy is an absolute fool, and clearly knows nothing about how beautiful a pair of feet can be.  Just look at Yvonne’s sexy feet and lovely long toes, all painted up nice and pretty.  Don’t you just want to drop to your knees and caress them?  Maybe kiss them and take them out of her flip flops to feel just how soft those lovely feet are on the underside?  I bet they’re so soft!  Enjoy yourself with the pictures, there are plenty more where these came from.