Beautiful Blue Heeled Sandals

spy eye feet fetish

This gorgeous pair of feet are well looked after, you can just tell, and look at the quality of those sandals with the tiny little heel on them; they look so delicate.  This model’s feet fit perfectly and her heels just rest at the back nicely so that they don’t hang over the edge.  To look upon a pair of feet so well dressed is to look upon a thing of beauty.  Her toes strike me as being well pedicured and looked after.  They look so soft and comfortable in those blue sandals that I could almost get down on my knees, curl up next to them and stroke my fingers in between her first two toes where the leather of the sandal sits.

Yvonne in her Sexy Flip Flops

Feet, flip flops and jeans

Whoever said that flip flops were just for your holidays and that they were not sexy is an absolute fool, and clearly knows nothing about how beautiful a pair of feet can be.  Just look at Yvonne’s sexy feet and lovely long toes, all painted up nice and pretty.  Don’t you just want to drop to your knees and caress them?  Maybe kiss them and take them out of her flip flops to feel just how soft those lovely feet are on the underside?  I bet they’re so soft!  Enjoy yourself with the pictures, there are plenty more where these came from.

Long Sexy Toes

pretty feet in flip flops

Now if you have a fetish for feet then this babe has the sexy feet you need, but if you’re really turned on by long sexy toes then you’re even more in luck.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen toes so long and sexy.  Just look at how they’re shaped and how they bend around to fit inside those flattering flip flops.  The way she has painted her lovely, delicate toe nails is simply perfect; they make her feet look even more beautiful!  You simply can’t have sexy feet without sexy toes, and this babe has them both!

Sexy Feet in Flip Flops

Gorgeous feet in flip flops

Now these are sexy feet.  When you look upon a pair of sexy feet like this, with toes so long with beautifully painted nails, what do you think to yourself?  Well, seeing as though you’re here on this website it must be something to do with attraction and sexual desire; am I right?  Of course I am.  And you’re not alone my friends, many would find feet like this very sexy indeed; in fact I don’t think most women know what they do to us when they parade their gorgeous feet in front of us.  I simply adore the arch in her foot as she coolly stretches to shift her weight onto those lovely toes.