Sexy Feet Voyeurism

spy eye feet

There’s a little bit of it in all of us you know, and there is no shame in looking at a pair of sexy feet in sandals and taking a quick shot of them to share with the rest of the foot fetish community.  This shot was taken in an ordinary high street when we saw a woman with particularly beautiful feet walking by.  How could we not take a shot and show you guys out there?  Sexy feet like this deserve to be shown off.  Now my fellow voyeurs, this is a call to arms, go out with your cameras and see just what kind of sexy feet you can find out there; when the weather is as hot as it is now you can’t fail to score some real sexy feet in sandals.

Long Sexy Toes

pretty feet in flip flops

Now if you have a fetish for feet then this babe has the sexy feet you need, but if you’re really turned on by long sexy toes then you’re even more in luck.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen toes so long and sexy.  Just look at how they’re shaped and how they bend around to fit inside those flattering flip flops.  The way she has painted her lovely, delicate toe nails is simply perfect; they make her feet look even more beautiful!  You simply can’t have sexy feet without sexy toes, and this babe has them both!

Sexy Feet in Flip Flops

Gorgeous feet in flip flops

Now these are sexy feet.  When you look upon a pair of sexy feet like this, with toes so long with beautifully painted nails, what do you think to yourself?  Well, seeing as though you’re here on this website it must be something to do with attraction and sexual desire; am I right?  Of course I am.  And you’re not alone my friends, many would find feet like this very sexy indeed; in fact I don’t think most women know what they do to us when they parade their gorgeous feet in front of us.  I simply adore the arch in her foot as she coolly stretches to shift her weight onto those lovely toes.

Pretty Girl, Even Prettier Feet

Leggy girl in pretty shoes

This babe is a fine example of a beautiful woman, don’t get me wrong, but what I’m spending a little more time looking at are her sexy feet in those lovely, sexy sandals.  The best thing about a pair of feet this beautiful is that they are contributed to by those lovely long legs.  The anticipation of her soft feet and delicately painted toes must be unparalleled as you stroke your way from her thighs to the ankles before them.  In fact I don’t think that I could actually stop myself from just plunging down to her feet and toes straight away; to hell with the foreplay!

Beautiful High Heeled Sandals

green sexy shoes

Now here is foot perfection!  Just look at the delicate “S” shape of this sexy foot as it sits beautifully inside the high heeled sandal.  You simply couldn’t get a shape like that if it weren’t for that lovely high heeled, sexy sandal could you?  That’s the beauty of a heeled shoe isn’t it?  Not only does it give the woman some extra height, for anyone who actually notices (like us) it also enshrines the sexy foot in a pose that is simply gorgeous and irresistible.  I don’t think I’ve seen a nicer picture of such a lovely foot in a heeled shoe.

French Pedicure Babe in Sandals

Pretty feet in sandals - french pedicure

Do you actually know the difference between a French pedicure and an ordinary one?  Well you might not know exactly what goes into it, but I am certain that you will know the difference when you’re gazing at a pair of beautiful feet and admiring the quality of their look.  Just look at these sexy feet in these lovely sandals.  Well it’s the tips of the toenails you see, that white painted effect to make the nails look longer and more beautiful; we would certainly agree that they do look wonderful.  We simply love sexy porno style toenails.

Ankle Strap and High Heels

ankle strap sandlas and sexy feet

When it comes to these two factors in the world of adult fantasy, there is really little left to the imagination.  Wherever you go in the adult world you’re likely to see rows and rows of girls’ feet and legs etc, but have you ever really stopped to consider what they are wearing on their very beautiful feet, and what are they doing to get ready.  High heels are certainly one of the main things that make feet so sexy, but truly sexy feet are achieved also by the development of the straps.  Ankle straps are incredibly erotic.  Don’t ask me why, they just are.

Long Legs, Long Toes

long legs and sandals

It would certainly seem to be that a nice pair of long legs leads to a lovely, long and sexy set of toes.  Personally I love the look of these long toes in these sexy blue, strappy sandals because you can see just how long the babe’s legs are too.  What a treat it must be to be a leg man as well as a foot fetishist!  How we would all love to just sit by a pair of legs and sexy feet like that and be able to touch them and stroke the sexy long toes and slide off those sandals; the feeling must be absolutely amazing.  I love long toes and sexy sandals!