Sexy Dark Nail Polish on Sexy Toes

feet in black sandals

Sexy toes deserve a little extra special treatment don’t they?  Personally I think that each pair of feet have a certain look, and these ones in particular have a look of darkness about them; a look of seductive, sexy darkness that requires these sexy toenails to be painted according to the mood they invoke.  They are especially sexy feet when you slip them into a pair of large heeled sandals like this, and I have to say that I would happily look at these all day long without a problem.  Enjoy the picture; I know I’m going too!

What’s Wrong with Sandals and Socks?

Girl in red socks and sexy black sandals

Whoever said you can’t wear sandals and socks?  Well whoever it was is clearly mad, just look how sexy these feet look inside these red socks.  I think they’d look lovely without the sandals to be honest, but with them on they look even more beautiful.  It’s as though these sexy sandals frame the beautiful image of the feet inside the socks.  I love to see the toenails through the material and see that they are painted in a lovely dark nail polish.  These sexy feet have so many levels to them it’s hard to know which I like the most.

Sexy Sandals and Jeans

jeans and sexy feet in sandals

The beauty of sandals is that you can wear them with virtually anything.  Here you can see a babe wearing a pair of strappy sandals with jeans.  If they will wear them with anything then it’s good news for us sandal fetish and toe fetish guys isn’t it?  It means we get to see many, many more lovely sexy feet and long sexy toes being exposed by the most beautiful sandals!  If you want more sexy sandals then read on, this blog is absolutely jam packed with long beautiful toes and curvy sexy feet; I simply can’t get enough of them, and I’m sure you can’t either!

Long Legs, Strappy Sandals

long legs and feet in sandals

Now this is the sort of woman you expect to see wearing sandals like this.  These are very sexy sandals, and they show off a lot of her beautiful feet, but more importantly they are made to look even lovelier simply due to the length of this babe’s legs!  She is one of the most beautiful leg models we’ve ever featured on this website; I just bet that she does all the foot fetish websites and she probably also models nylon stockings and suspenders!  Could you imagine stroking your hand down the length of those legs and finding those lovely, long, sexy toes?  Awesome!

Broken, Sexy High Heels

Red toe nails polish and sexy black sandals

Well, it looks as though the very lovely Eva here has broken the heel off her lovely shoes.  Never mind Eva, although the heels are very sexy, it’s your feet we’re more interested in; and you’ve still managed to keep that lovely shape to your foot as though the heel were still on.  Eva is a truly professional foot fetish model, because no other model I know would be able to maintain the same sexy foot posture without the heel; she must practice all the time for goodness sake!  Enjoy the picture and you can look forward to many more soon.

Strappy, Sexy Sandals

really pretty feet

I sat next to a girl the other day in the park who was wearing pair of sandals just like this, and this is where I had the idea for shooting this content you’re looking at right now.  When I sat down by her I noticed her sexy feet inside these wonderful sandals straight away, and surprisingly enough it wasn’t because I was looking, it was more to do with the fact that she had her legs crossed and this foot up in the air.  It took me all my time and strength not to just grab her sexy foot and start rubbing it and taking the sandal off.