Summer Dominatrix Sandals

pretty feet with red toenail polish and really llovely sandals with high heels

Now these sandals look just like the sort of thing you would see a dominatrix wearing out and about in the summer.  They’re not quite tame and girly enough, but they look gorgeous, sexy and very powerful.  When the babe wearing them has red toenails like this too, it’s even better.  This particular model has great big long toes that look absolutely sexy.  You just don’t see toes much like that anymore; I think they are beautiful toes, but there are too many out there that believe women’s’ toes should be small and dainty.  Imagine this heel stamping down on your toes!  OUCH!

Double the Sexy Feet!

blonde and brunette with beautiful feet

There’s nothing like having two pairs of sexy feet to go at is there?  Imagine getting the opportunity to admire and caress these feet, all to yourself.  I bet these girls would probably pay you good money to massage their feet and play with their toes.  Those sexy little toes are so well looked after aren’t they, and with all that bright shiny nail polish they look simply beautiful.  The sexy high heeled sandals look terrific together and here at Feet in Sandals we simply can’t get enough of pictures like this.  We hope you enjoy these free pictures and that you’re enabled to breathe a little life into your foot fantasy.

Yvonne in her Sexy Flip Flops

Feet, flip flops and jeans

Whoever said that flip flops were just for your holidays and that they were not sexy is an absolute fool, and clearly knows nothing about how beautiful a pair of feet can be.  Just look at Yvonne’s sexy feet and lovely long toes, all painted up nice and pretty.  Don’t you just want to drop to your knees and caress them?  Maybe kiss them and take them out of her flip flops to feel just how soft those lovely feet are on the underside?  I bet they’re so soft!  Enjoy yourself with the pictures, there are plenty more where these came from.

Long Sexy Toes

pretty feet in flip flops

Now if you have a fetish for feet then this babe has the sexy feet you need, but if you’re really turned on by long sexy toes then you’re even more in luck.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen toes so long and sexy.  Just look at how they’re shaped and how they bend around to fit inside those flattering flip flops.  The way she has painted her lovely, delicate toe nails is simply perfect; they make her feet look even more beautiful!  You simply can’t have sexy feet without sexy toes, and this babe has them both!

Ankle Strap and High Heels

ankle strap sandlas and sexy feet

When it comes to these two factors in the world of adult fantasy, there is really little left to the imagination.  Wherever you go in the adult world you’re likely to see rows and rows of girls’ feet and legs etc, but have you ever really stopped to consider what they are wearing on their very beautiful feet, and what are they doing to get ready.  High heels are certainly one of the main things that make feet so sexy, but truly sexy feet are achieved also by the development of the straps.  Ankle straps are incredibly erotic.  Don’t ask me why, they just are.

Broken, Sexy High Heels

Red toe nails polish and sexy black sandals

Well, it looks as though the very lovely Eva here has broken the heel off her lovely shoes.  Never mind Eva, although the heels are very sexy, it’s your feet we’re more interested in; and you’ve still managed to keep that lovely shape to your foot as though the heel were still on.  Eva is a truly professional foot fetish model, because no other model I know would be able to maintain the same sexy foot posture without the heel; she must practice all the time for goodness sake!  Enjoy the picture and you can look forward to many more soon.

Red Nail Polish is Very Sexy

Pink sandals and sexy feet

The only way to make a dainty, innocent looking pair of small feet like this look enormously sexy is to apply a layer of pure and sexy red nail polish and put them into a beautiful pair of open toe sandals so the world can see just how sexy the feet can be!  This babe now has some of the sexiest toes on this website, and her sandals compliment her enormously.  I would spend my entire evening looking at these toes if I took this babe out on a date.  And to be honest I don’t think I would care less if she pretty or not!  Check her out and then go and check out all the other gorgeous foot models on this site.

High Heel Sandals are Sexy as Hell

Roman style high heeled sandals with straps

I bet if the devil is a cross dresser he wears these sandals!  They look so hot and sexy they could only have been forged in fires of hell and brought to earth in order to attract men like us by showing off the sexy long toes of the wearer.  They make us desire the beautiful curves in the feet when they are being worn.  Personally I think they look a little big like those old Roman style sandals, although they didn’t have heels on them (at least I don’t think they did).  Just check out how much more gorgeous these sandals look when the model has painted her toenails red and sexy.  I could lick the toes of this babe and still come back for more!